Toward the industry 4.0 with additive manufacturing & 3D digitization

More flexibility for increasing market opportunities

Additive manufacturing is opening the market of the 3D manufacturing. These processes are ready-to-print prototypes but also series of products. 3D printers are replacing multiple standard machines without tooling constraints. The Material portfolio is now available to insure a quick production according to the customer requirements.

Our services offer

Industrial equipments distribution and sale

Lemantek offers a wide range of professional 3D printers and scanners for all companies. From office machines to industrial production systems, we identify together the technology to meet the best of your expectations

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Training and After-Sales Service

We offer training adapted to your professional field for an optimal use of the equipment

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Expert assessment & R&D

Our R&D department is at the forefront of new materials and 3D technologies, we are able to offer innovative solutions exclusive to your needs.

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  • Design to produce
    freely and economicaly

    The Factory 2.0 Production System designed by Omni3D is the best solution to produce tooling, prototypes and small parts series using a production volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm

    This machines is equiped of a heated chamber (max 70°C) plus a glass heated printing bed(max 120°C).

    Its patented double extruders system (360°C) accepts technical polymers of the market to be complaiant with your current material specification.

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  • Discover the LEMANTEK support

    LEMANTEK assists you in the implementation of an OMNI3D Additive Manufacturing solution

    We provide you adapted training according to your needs to ensure a fast return on investment.

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Toward the Industry 4.0"I'm looking forthe best 3D partner and support close to my area"

Projects examples

  • Jewelry by ASIGA

    Additive manufacturing using DLP machine to print casting model using hight resolution UV resin to hightlight small details as lacy

    Audio prothesys

    Complete manufacturing audiology solutions that focus on the well being of the patient

    Dental by ASIGA

    Integrated printing solutions for dental models, Aligners, surgical guides, you are using one machine for multiple applications

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